Terms & Conditions

Conditions and Regulations for www.fpigeonsauctions.com

  1. In order to place a bid you must first be registered. After registration you will receive confirmation from Famous Pigeon Auction by E-mail containing your log in data.
  2. Bidding steps: Bids below € 50 with a minimum of € 5. Bids from € 50 to € 500 with a minin of e 10. Bids above € 500 with a minimum of e 25.
  3. The submitted bid may not be more than twice the current highest bid placed.
  4. When a placed bid equals the amount of an existing auto bid, the sale is awarded to the auto bid because it was placed earlier.
  5. If two or more auto bids finish equal, the sale is awarded to the first placed auto bid.
  6. The winning bid on a pigeon/voucher is the highest bid registered in the system at the moment of termination of an auction.
  7. The ending time of an internet auction is the closing time displayed in the auction itself. If a bid is placed during the last ten minutes of an auction, the auction of the pigeon/voucher in question will be extended by ten minutes and for so long that no more bids have been placed for a period of ten minutes.
  8. After an auction both buyer and seller will receive an E-mail containing details of the final handling of the auction. Payment must be made within a maximum of 5 days after termination of the auction via bank or cash payment.
  9. The cost of transport is always to be paid by the buyer unless otherwise agreed.
  10. The seller is responsible that the information issued is, to the best of his own knowledge, correct.
  11. The buyer agrees that his admitted details to Famous Pigeon Auction will be forwarded to the selling paty.
  12. The seller is also responsible for the quality and health of the offered pigeons. Famous Pigeon Auction are no more than intermediates in this.
  13. Famous Pigeon Auction are exempt of all forms of liability caused by errors on the website.
  14. Famous Pigeon Auction obtains the right to amend the conditions stated above at any given time.